Yard Maintenance

Forklifts are used for a variety of purposes, particularly lifting and moving loads. Forklifts can also be used for specialised tasks like landscaping and yard maintenance. SHS Handling Solutions supplies various yard maintenance attachments that are easily and safely attached to your forklift.

Our product range includes forklift attachment brushes with various widths for quick and easy sweeping. We also supply multi-purpose tipping skips and scoops that can be used as a loading shovel. SHS Handling Solutions also supplies fork-mounted magnets that can be used for clearing paths and other outdoor spaces, as well as floors inside a warehouse, factory or other industrial setting.
We also supply wheelie bin lifters so you can better manage your waste bins.

All of our yard maintenance tools are designed to meet the highest of quality standards, including workplace health and safety requirements. They are extensively tested to ensure operators and others around them are safe.

Yard Maintenance
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