Manual Wrap-Over Stacker, 1.6m Lift Height, 1000kg Capacity

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1.6m lift height

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High quality stacker lifting truck for everyday use.

Lift height – 1.6m

Minimum Mast Height – 2025mm

Capacity – 1000kg


The cylinder with high precision grinding prevents the seal from oil leaking and damage.

C type steel is used on the mast, which ensures higher strength. Especially for double mast series, it is more stable when lifting.

The seal from Germany gives it a guarantee of 3 years.

The solid wheel with brake is easy to operate

By pumping the pedal with your foot, is an another way for lifting.

The handle is ergonomically designed, which makes lifting and lowering stress free.

The wide wheel frame protection system prevents the operator from injury.

The truck is equipped with a safety grid, the grid and mounting screws are integrated.


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