Forklift Jibs

Forklift jibs are designed to help forklift operators manoeuvre in confined spaces or areas that are harder to reach. They allow you to reach higher and father, enhancing the function of your standard forklift. SHS Handling Solutions supplies a variety of quality forklift jibs that are designed to meet your needs.
All of our durable jibs are designed to the highest safety and quality standards; they are also available in different sizes to accommodate various load sizes and applications.

Our effective and versatile range of forklift jibs include adaptor beams width swivel hooks, forklift carriage-mounted jibs with quick release bottom hangers, and fork-mounted jibs with fixed or swivel hooks.
We also supply fork-mounted jibs for use with awkwardly shaped loads, as well as high-lifting jibs for heavier materials. Our fork-mounted hooks are adjustable and designed for a variety of uses, and our extensive range also includes low-profile jibs.

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