Poles & Booms

SHS Handling Solutions supplies a range of poles and booms. Poles and booms can be carriage or fork mounted. Our sturdy carriage-mounted poles are designed to lift and reposition different types of coiled materials, including carpets, fabric, paper rolls and linings. By fitting poles to the carriage of the forklift, the truck’s optimum lifting capacity is not compromised.

Our high-quality poles and booms can be easily fitted to the main carriage or fork of a forklift. Poles are quickly released using bottom hangers and feature enhanced-visibility markers. Our selection of poles and booms are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate loads of different dimensions.
We also supply poles with varying degrees of tensile strength capable of supporting loads of up to 600 kilograms. Our ability to supply poles with lengths of up to 3,900 millimetres or 153 inches also means we can meet almost any workplace need.

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