Electric pallet trucks Birmingham | SHS Handling Solutions

Efficient pallet management requires a pallet truck designed and optimised to your requirements. You’ll find all of that and more from the specialists at SHS Handling – we provide electric pallet trucks Birmingham businesses rely on.

Intelligent operation

Whatever your needs may be, we have the right electric pallet truck for you. Whether you want something that’s as basic and functional as possible, or you want to invest in a pallet truck that’s feature-rich, we can help. No matter your budget, we guarantee you’ll find something perfect for your needs from SHS Handling. Our range of electric pallet trucks has been specifically designed to be of similar height and weight dimensions to traditional manual pallet trucks. This means that despite their increased functionality and ease of use, they require no additional considerations in terms of storage. Our electric pallet trucks come with a 20 amp-hour lithium ion battery, and the charger can be easily and conveniently wall mounted. This means that efficiency is never sacrificed, and our electric pallet trucks can be used twenty-four hours a day if necessary, simply by charging one battery while using another. We have put great care and consideration into making sure our charging times are as practical as possible. As a result, you can get up to a 50% charge in the battery simply by charging it for thirty minutes. In a mere two and a half hours, the battery can be charged to capacity.

Consistently user-friendly

Our electric pallet trucks are both easy and comfortable to use. A clear digital display provides important information, such as battery charge level, while the smooth throttle provides the user total control over the overall movement speed. Ultra-quiet operation and the ergonomically-designed handles mean our electric pallet trucks are comfortable for employees to use even over the course of extended shifts. The heavy load-capacity means even the heaviest pallets can be moved efficiently and easily.

Why choose SHS Handling

You should choose the company providing electric pallet trucks Birmingham businesses rely on to operate efficiently and reliably. We have extensive experience satisfying the requirements of a wide range of Birmingham businesses, and our reputation for customer satisfaction is well-earned. Our service is tailored to you. If you know what you want, we can provide it. Similarly, if you want some help, advice, and suggestions about the right electric pallet truck for your needs, all you need to do is call. SHS Handling is putting the efficiency back into logistics. Chat to our friendly team today.