Whats the Difference? 🤷🏻

Manual 😓

A manual pallet truck is raised by the operator by pumping a jack and then pulled/pushed by the operator. Manual pallet trucks have been around for more than a century and come in many shapes and sizes.

They can be easily customised to perform lifting and manoeuvering a specific item, while generally being a more “budget” friendly option.

Budget friendly

Low maintenance costs

Wide variety of dimensions and uses

Doesn't require additional training

Electric ⚡️

An Electric Pallet Truck (EPT) uses battery-powered electric motors to lift (on fully-electric trucks) and move the truck. The EPT is then steered and manoeuvered by the operator. EPTs come with a variety of battery types and capacities, with a mixture of onboard charging and removable batteries to offer solutions for all-day use. As they are not restrained by the physical limits of the operator, they can increase productivity and reduce the risk of injury.

Reduced strain on operator

Increased productivity

Better for moving tall pallet stacks

Not limited by operators physical limitations

Why should I upgrade to an Electric Pallet Truck?

Manual trucks are the most budget-friendly option and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and capacities. The maintenance costs are low, due to a limited number of moving parts and operators do not require any specialist training to use them.

However, they can be limited by the operator and increased loads and distances can put a lot of strain on the operator. Strain and fatigue can increase the chance of injury. According to the HSE as part of their Labour Force Survey 19/20 found on average, staff took 9.1days off due to injury and 18.4 days due to musculoskeletal disorders.

Electric pallet trucks and stackers provide a cost-effective alternative to a forklift while offering safety and productivity benefits. Having an electric lift and drive, the machine is only limited by the power of the motor, reducing the physical demand on the operator and therefore the risk of fatigue and injury.

Electric pallet trucks do however require more maintenance, and dependent on what battery type is chosen, will require conscious effort and care for maximum longevity. All our electric pallet trucks can be purchased with a service plan as part of a 2-year warranty to reduce the risk of downtime and increase the life span of the truck.

Find your Perfect Match

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