Pallet trucks were traditionally manually operated and used in forklifts or lift trucks for moving pallets from one place to another. But the future is now courtesy of Liftek’s electric-powered 12EZ Pro EP Power Glide 1200+ that can be used in virtually any location.

A pallet truck is the most basic type of forklift used in loading and unloading, transporting pallets at long distances and in low-level order picking.

12EZ Pro EP Power Glide 1200+ product description

The new 12EZ Pro powered pallet truck is an ingenious innovation from EP, a top player in the intralogistics solutions field, who achieved a great feat by reinventing the hand pallet truck, which is an everyday product used by millions of people around the world.


The EP Power Glide 1200+ is optimised for use in a retail environment as it only weighs 120kg but with the capacity to lift up to 1,200kg. Its modern design and small dimensions make it suitable for shop floor applications. The electric pallet lifter is the same size as the manual hand pallet truck, but it provides the added advantage of a powered functionality.

The powerful Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery ensures steady power supply and it is easy to charge. Due to its affordable price, increased safety and ergonomics in your business, this tool is a perfect substitute for your manual hand pallet.

EP unique

The EP Power Glide 1200+ electric pallet truck operates for an impressive 3 hours once the battery is fully charged; this is because of its powerful 20Ah state-of-the-art Li-Ion battery. The uniqueness of this powerful machine is its removable 3.7kg Li-Ion battery.


Expect an all-new user experience because the 12EZ Pro can be operated easily, just like an electric screwdriver, due to its compact size and modular battery system. It plugs and plays with simple charging to enhance usability. The handling of pallets has never been this easy before.

Here are some key features of the product:

• 2-step super simple battery swap system
• Fully electric but same compact size as the manual pallet truck
• Easy to handle for both experienced and novice users
• 130kg weight – almost the same as the manual truck
• 20Ah Li-Ion battery system
• Interchangeable battery for continuous use
• Fully charged battery in 3 hours – 50% charge in only 45 minutes
• Quiet running
• 0.65kW drive wheel motor rating
• 1,200kg load capacity
• Fork dimensions – 540mm x 1150mm (other sizes available)

Premium features:

• Heavy load capacity
• Digital system display
• Ergonomically designed
• Li-Ion battery

Extra features:

• Weather guards are available for the battery, controller and handle

How the EP Power Glide 1200+ compares to other pallet trucks

1. The Linde MT12

The Linde MT12 is a self-propelled and sturdy pallet forklift designed to facilitate easy logistics jobs. Stable propulsion is ensured by the three-phase AC motor, and the electromagnetic brakes efficiently bring the pallet truck into a halt.

Safety is the main focus and that is why the automatic parking brake engages upon release of the tiller. It has a long tiller to ensure there is a safe distance between the truck and the operator. Also, the low chassis protects the operator’s feet.


• 130kg service weight
• 1,200kg load capacity
• 200mm lift height
• 0.65kW drive wheel motor rating
• Travel speed of 4km/h when loaded and 4.5km/h without load
• 20Ah Li-Ion battery system
• Built-in 24 Volt system
• Factory warranty of 12 months

Why the EP Power Glide 1200+ is the better option: The 12EZ Pro outperforms the Linde MT12 due to its great manoeuvrability; both new and experienced users can safely operate the 12EZ.

2. The Linde MT15

This electric pallet truck has a compact chassis and rounded corners to ensure safety. The machine can be used in narrow aisles, in lorries and on ramps. Only a minimum effort is required from the operator as the powerful motor drives the truck efficiently.

The Linde MT15 has easily accessible control functions and a controlled speed reduction to give the operator full control. It also offers an integrated battery, which has a long-running time for retailers with busy workdays.


• Multi-function display
• 1,500kg load capacity
• Travel speed of 4.2km/h when loaded and 4.6km/h without load
• 0.45kW drive wheel motor rating
• 200kg service weight
• 115mm lift height
• Ergonomic tiller head for easy control
• Built-in charger for simple charging

Why the EP Power Glide 1200+ is the better option: The 12EZ Pro has a lift height of 195mm making it more suitable for stacking pallets on high and hard to reach places.

3. The Still ECH 12

The ECH 12 from STILL has increased efficiency and productivity due to its electric lifting and driving. A large turning radius makes the pallet truck easy to manoeuvre in tight storage areas and narrow isles.

The ergonomic design of the tiller head enables operators to use hands naturally thus relieving tension. In addition, the multi-function display keeps the operator informed about operating hours and battery life percentage at all times.


• 1,200kg load capacity
• 1390mm turning radius
• Easy-grip tiller for fatigue-free operation
• Multi-function display
• Maintenance-free Li-Ion battery technology for improved operator health as there are no exhaust emissions
• Enhanced safety due to the size and position of the impact plate
• Sturdy frame construction for enhanced durability

Why the EP Power Glide 1200+ is the better option: Both machines provide seamless interaction of the Li-Ion batteries and the truck’s management system, but the 12EZ is quieter, which is a plus for the environment and operator.

4. The Still ECH 15

The Still ECH 15 has similar basic features as ECH 12, but it was designed to be more energy-efficient. The pallet truck can lift heavy loads while consuming less energy, thus you’ll not be required to charge the battery frequently.

The low-maintenance and powerful drive motor facilitates high performance meaning there will be fewer downtimes. Additional battery replacements ensure the forklift is ready to use at all times. The machine is very durable due to its sturdy frame construction.


• 1,500kg load capacity
• 0.39kW drive wheel motor rating
• Multi-function display
• Compact design for easy operation in small areas
• Travel speed of 4.5km/h when loaded and 5.3km/h without load
• Parking brake engages when the tiller is upright for enhanced safety
• Seamless interaction of the Li-Ion battery with the management system
• 110mm lift height

Why the EP Power Glide 1200+ is the better option: With a 0.65kW drive wheel motor rating, the 12EZ Pro is more powerful (hence suitable for continuous operations) than the Still ECH 15, which has a power rating of 0.39kW.

5. The Pramac Agile

An innovative solution that combines manual and electric functions for convenience. Its versatility enables operators to use it across any site for moving and stacking pallets. It is easy to operate even when fully loaded.

The Pramac Agile has an extremely low weight which makes the pallet truck easy to manoeuvre. Two powerful AC motors run the double wheels to provide an effective mix of stability, silence and speed. It supports different fork sizes.


• 1,200kg load capacity
• 1185mm lift height
• Fork dimensions – 800mm x 1200mm (other sizes available)
• Travel speed of 4.2km/h when loaded and 5.3km/h without load
• 0.25kW drive motor rating
• 10Ah Li-Ion battery system
• Factory warranty of 12 months
• 85kg service weight

Why the EP Power Glide 1200+ is the better option: The 20Ah Li-Ion battery system and the swap feature make the 12EZ Pro perfect for 24/7 operations. Also, the Pramac Agile’s drive is electric and the lift is manual, but all the functions of the 12EZ Pro are electric thus ensuring optimal efficiency.

Advantages of EPS Lithium Ion technology

All these pallet trucks utilise the efficient technology of the Li-Ion battery. This battery technology offers several distinct benefits and enhancements over the other types. These include the following:

High energy density – This is one of the main benefits of this battery technology. With electronic equipment needing to operate for long hours between charges, high energy density batteries offer an excellent solution. Apart from pallet trucks, the technology is used in mobile phones, power tools and electric vehicles.

Self-discharge – A common problem facing many types of rechargeable batteries if the rate of self-discharge. When compared to other rechargeable batteries like the Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) and the Nickel Cadmium (NiCad), the Li-Ion technology self-discharges at a much lower rate. It’s normally about 5% in the first 5 hours when it is fully charged, but it then reduces to less than 2% every month.

Low maintenance – Unlike other batteries, Li-Ion batteries do not require any type of maintenance to perform optimally. The NiCad batteries, for example, require regular discharge to prevent the memory effect.

No priming required – Priming is the servicing of batteries to enhance performance, especially after prolonged storage. Some batteries even require priming to receive their first charge. There is no such requirement for priming with Li-Ion batteries.

Available in a variety – There are many different types of Li-Ion batteries available, and this means that the correct technology is used for the specific application. For example, the types of Li-Ion batteries with the highest current densities are used for electric vehicles and power tools.

Ease of charging – No downtimes of machines because the battery can be charged in between other procedures, for example, when cleaning and organising the working area. Also, Li-Ion batteries charge faster than other types of batteries, meaning that the machine will not sit idle for long when it is tethered to the charging station, which is a crucial factor in a busy facility.

On a concluding note, the Li-Ion battery technology is still under development so enthusiasts expect more benefits and applications in the coming years. But it has already achieved a lot in powering the EP Power Glide 1200+ thus making the pallet truck reliable, low maintenance and highly efficient.

If you’re looking for a new pallet truck and want to talk more about EP’s great range, get in touch today.