Electric order pickers are an efficient piece of equipment, mostly used across large businesses, such as warehouses, shops and storage units, to identify, source and easily collect goods and items, specifically orders, from storage.

These are frequently used to fulfil orders for supermarkets, large stores and online retailers, where stock is usually piled wide and high in huge warehouses, and obviously cannot be obtained easily by traditional means such as ladders or big, bulky trucks and machinery.

Electric order pickers have many uses and can benefit businesses greatly. Amongst other things, they’re a lot more technologically advanced and come with sophisticated features than traditional pickers, of course, and can increase rates at which products are collected, reach new heights (quite literally) when stock is piled high and out of reach, and are a very cost and time-effective way of operating.

Not only that, but they can also decrease the likelihood of accidents compared to ladders and trucks, keeping people even safer in the workplace. They also reduce any physical strain on individuals, as they don’t require employees to do any heavy lifting or stretching.

Different types of EP order pickers

There are several types of innovative electric order pickers which offer solutions to a variety of different working heights, each of which can be beneficial to different businesses and their needs.

Vertical electric order pickers

Vertical electric order pickers, for example, can be very beneficial for increased productivity in the workplace when spaces are small and narrow. EP equipment is a brand offering a fantastic range – a vertical EP order picker such as the JX0 is a stable stock picker and one which can manoeuvre narrow aisles with ease, reducing the likelihood of injury. It has a stable design which easily moves up and down vertically, as the name suggests, and can easily gather multiple items at a time thanks to a large storage deck.

Great for warehouses and shops with narrow aisles, a vertical electric order picker means less tricky manoeuvres and the ability to gather stock quickly and efficiently from the aisles. It can also reach high areas of up to 6.5 metres, as well as scout out items directly on the ground level, so it’s versatile, too. As you can imagine this is fantastic for markets and shops which need to replenish shelves on a regular basis, and quickly at that. The user can simply hop on and navigate around the space, as well as take themselves up to the higher shelves and stock areas with ease.

Low-level electric order pickers

There’s also low-level electric order pickers. Although these are considered a more traditional style of machinery, EP has a range which brings the best of new technology to light. A low-level EP order picker is a fantastic tool for selecting goods stocked low to the ground (or even on the ground itself), but still enables employees to manoeuvre speedily and easily between different areas. The range of fork configurations also means it can be easily adjusted to meet any business need, as well as making it comfortable for the user.

You’ll find low-level electric order pickers, especially any range of low-level EP order picker, in a lot of business warehouses and storage units across the world – they’re a very popular option for both the durability of the system and the reliability. These can carry up to two large pallets at the same time, so stock can be transported from A to B with ease, in large amounts.

Not just that, but low-level electric order pickers are also very easy to drive around large warehouses, so productivity can be massively increased through businesses investing in them.

Benefits of EP order pickers

There are many benefits of electric order pickers, some of which we’ve already touched upon.

Used in warehouses across the globe, the main benefit is of course to increase productivity in the workplace, ensuring products and stock can be easily sourced, and get from one place to another in enough time. For shops and supermarkets which need to replenish their stock regularly, these can be extremely efficient.

The speed in which they can pick up items from storage pallets and shelves is highly-renowned, so an increase in picking rates combined with larger packages ensures the job can be done so much faster than traditional methods. As they run on powerful electric motors, these order pickers are able to effectively move across shop floors, storage rooms and warehouses quickly, making them more time-efficient for businesses, which can help reduce running costs, too.

As many incorporate some pretty advanced technology, it makes them safer than a lot of other manoeuvre methods for operating within storage units, shops and warehouses. Health and safety should be a number one business priority, and by investing in electric order pickers, this can be achieved in a number of ways. Employees are able to avoid physical strain, especially with the likes of a vertical EP order picker, where they can elevate to new heights (quite literally), in order to fulfil their duties whilst remaining upright and safe. The easily to function forks ensure any items can be selected and picked up properly, without workers having to risk injury in doing so, or perhaps worse, the risk of an avalanche of goods falling down on them.

Plus, the range of built-in features for controlling the pickers means reaching different size aisles can be done without worry, even the narrow ones with tall storage.

Overall, electric order pickers are a valuable and safe addition to any workplace, helping businesses keep running with speed and efficiency, as well as keeping employees safe and operating costs at a minimum.

Technology and features

The entire range of electric order pickers are designed with sophisticated technology and top of the range features to benefit companies.

Take the vertical electric EP order picker for example; with a stable, tall mast and soft hydraulic controls, it’s not only a great way to keep things running smoothly, but ensures optimal comfort for all those operating it. This model of electric order picker also has electric power steering, as does the majority of electric order pickers, with in combination with the adjustable picking platform helps reduce employees’ strain, meaning less chance of back pain or overall injury.

Safety sensors incorporated into each design means they can be driven in even the busiest warehouses, with minimal worry of crashing into anything or anyone, and causing harm. This also helps when operating the vertical picker up and down tall storage units and collecting items. As a lot of accidents generally tend to happen in the warehouse, curve slowdown technology incorporated into the design of electric pickers also means the user is able to drive around corners slowly and safely. Therefore, if there is a large number of other employees on the floor doing the same job, businesses don’t need to stress about accidents, as they can be so easily helped through this tech.


As with many things in life, safety should come first. Although many of the safety features have been touched upon, there’s a few more which make electric order pickers a real must-have for any retail storage unit or warehouse.

With electric order pickers, no matter if it’s moving up and down or back and forth during a job, the operator is able to stay completely within the realms of the machine, ensuring they don’t have to risk any injury by venturing outside.

As mentioned, the truck’s speed will reduce when approaching corners, but the same actually applies when driving with the picker at an elevated height. With EP electric order pickers, the specific scanner can monitor the path within a protection system, which stops the picker if obstacles (such as boxes, packages or goods or even other people) appear in the way.

With any electric order picker, there needs to be a heavy emphasis on safety, and this is no exception when it comes to ranges such as the EP range.


So, we’ve talked about the ins and outs of the machines, what they are, how they can be used, why they’re beneficial to businesses, and of course, the technology incorporated that helps keep employees safe whilst operating them on a daily basis.

If you’re a business owner looking for a new way to increase productivity, cut costs and create a more time-efficient workplace, they are a very versatile way to do so, and don’t have to just be restricted to warehouses. Even smaller storage units or SME shops can make use of an electric order picker, it doesn’t just have to be big companies. Due to the slim design of many of the machines, they can be used to keep staff safe and keep orders rotating even in narrow, smaller spaces.

The range of EP order pickers are a great way to introduce this type of machinery into a business, especially those which are looking to expand. The daily occurrence of picking up and moving goods, especially heavy products, can take its toll on even the strongest of workers. If there’s only a small workforce to do the job, and as you work to expand, a picker is a great way to benefit not just the business, but take the strain off employees in more ways than one.

For more information on the best ranges of electric order pickers, or for how they can benefit a business such as yours, get in touch and we’d be more than happy to help.