Pallet trucks are a great piece of equipment when it comes to manual handling. They are also often the first piece of kit that a business might invest in when it comes to their storage or warehouse needs. There are so many to choose from and you will have questions. That’s why we’ve got out team together and devised the ultimate pallet truck FAQs, just for you! 

What is a pallet truck?

A pallet truck, also known as a pallet jack or a pump truck, is a piece of material handling equipment that is designed to move palletized loads over short distances.

What are the different types of pallet trucks?

There are several types of pallet trucks, including manual pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, high-lift pallet trucks, and rough terrain pallet trucks.

How do I choose the right pallet truck for my needs?

When choosing a pallet truck, you should consider factors such as the weight and size of your loads, the height of your storage racks, the terrain of your workplace, and your budget.

How do I operate a pallet truck?

To operate a pallet truck, you should first make sure that the load is properly secured on the forks. Then, you should pump the handle up and down to lift the load off the ground. Finally, you can steer the pallet truck by pulling or pushing the handle in the direction that you want to go.

What are the advantages of using a pallet truck?

Pallet trucks are a cost-effective and efficient way to move heavy loads over short distances. They are also easy to operate and can help reduce the risk of workplace injuries and accidents.

What are the maintenance requirements for a pallet truck?

To keep your pallet truck in good working order, you should regularly inspect and lubricate the moving parts, check the tires for wear and tear, and replace any damaged components as needed.

How long do pallet trucks last?

The lifespan of a pallet truck can vary depending on factors such as the type and frequency of use, the maintenance practices, and the quality of the equipment. Generally, a well-maintained pallet truck can last for several years.

Can a pallet truck be used to lift people?

No, pallet trucks should never be used to lift people. Doing so can be extremely dangerous and can result in serious injury or death.

How is a pallet truck used?

A pallet truck is used by inserting the forks of the truck under the pallet or load that needs to be moved. The operator then pumps the handle of the truck, which raises the forks and lifts the load off the ground. The operator can then steer the pallet truck in the desired direction and lower the load back to the ground by releasing the handle.

What is the load capacity of a pallet truck?

The load capacity of a pallet truck can vary depending on the type and model of the truck. Generally, manual pallet trucks have a load capacity of around 2,500 to 5,500 pounds, while electric pallet trucks can have a load capacity of up to 8,000 pounds or more.

Can electric pallet trucks be used outdoors?

Yes, some electric pallet trucks are designed for outdoor use and can operate on rough terrain. However, it’s important to check the specifications of the particular electric pallet truck to ensure that it is suitable for outdoor use.

Are there any industry-specific pallet trucks available?

Yes, there are industry-specific pallet trucks available for industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. These pallet trucks are designed with features such as stainless steel construction, wash-down capabilities, and explosion-proof components to meet the specific needs of the industry.

Are there any regulations or safety guidelines for using pallet trucks?

Yes, there are regulations and safety guidelines for using pallet trucks. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides guidelines for the safe use of powered industrial trucks, including pallet trucks. These guidelines include requirements for operator training, inspection and maintenance, and safe operating procedures.

Are there any alternatives to pallet trucks for material handling?

Yes, there are several alternatives to pallet trucks for material handling, depending on the specific needs of the workplace. Some examples include forklifts, conveyor systems, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

We tried to make sure that we covered as many of the pallet truck faqs that we get as possible but if your question isn’t here, then get in touch with us and we’ll answer it for you. Pallet trucks are a great addition to your business, but you need to know you are getting the right one for your business. We can help with that.

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