Electric battery-powered order pickers are an effective item of equipment, often employed across large operations, like warehouses, storage units and shops Their primary use is to identify, find and easily collect items and goods, particularly orders being held in storage

A type of electric forklift, order pickers frequently help online retailers, large stores, and supermarkets to fulfil orders, in facilities where stock is typically piled high in vast warehouses. While stacking stock as high as possible makes the most of available space, it also means it is not easily accessible using tried and tested methods such as ladders or bulky trucks.

A picker that uses an electric battery can serve multiple uses and offer numerous advantages for businesses. Far more advanced technologically than conventional pickers, they come equipped with sophisticated features. The advanced capabilities of this type of forklift, include increased collection rates and superior reach heights, making their use an exceptionally effective way to operate, saving firms both time and money.

Additionally, this advanced equipment also decreases the chance of accidents occurring. Far safer to use than trucks or ladders, they can increase worker health and safety on site. Furthermore, they avoid individual workers experiencing excessive physical strain as they negate the need for stretching and heavy lifting.

Read on as we take a closer look at this innovative equipment and the benefits they supply.

Different order pickers to suit different applications

Exemplary options like the JX range from expert forklift manufacturer, EP, provide different sizes of order pickers with different weight capacities and reach. While there are multiple makes and models, order pickers commonly fall into two distinctive classes, vertical or low-level.

Vertical order pickers, like those in the JX range, are beneficial for increased productivity within the workplace when operating environments include narrow or small spaces. Vertical order pickers like EPs JX0 is designed specifically to maneuver easily down narrow aisles, reducing the chance of injury. With a stable design and large storage deck, this type of picker can move up and down vertically, gathering multiple items per trip.

While some order pickers are designed to collect stock themselves, others allow operators to raise themselves upon the storage deck and examine items on higher shelves in person. With an extended reach and a capacity to carry heavy loads, order pickers are agile and effective options for gathering stock in every application.

Low-level order pickers are also readily available. While a more traditionally used option, today these models are also offered powered by electric batteries. With a wide array of fork configurations, these flexible forklifts can be adapted to suit any business need. Durable and easy to operate, low-level order pickers take the physical strain off workers and handle the heavy-duty jobs required on site.

Advantages of electric order pickers for enterprises

As mentioned briefly, pickers offer an extensive arrange of benefits for businesses. Employed in warehouses around the world, the core benefit of electric pickers is increasing productivity, ensuring stock is easily accessible and making certain that it gets from A to B as swiftly and safely as possible. Retail outlets like supermarkets and shops must replenish their stocks regularly, making order pickers an excellent option to meet business demands.

Order pickers are renowned for the speed at which they can collect products from shelves and storage pallets. Their ability to easily move larger packages, combined with their rapid picking rates, makes them a far faster alternative to using traditional approaches to picking.

Using electric batteries rather than traditional fossil fuels such as diesel or LPG, electric order pickers cost less to run and produce zero emissions enhancing employee safety. Cleverly designed, many modern electric order pickers can conveniently be plugged into standard 230-volt outlets however, the main source of power is an onboard battery pack that is entirely maintenance-free. Additionally, larger sizes of batteries are also available along with external chargers where extended use is required.

The cutting-edge technology used in electric pickers improves safety levels within the workplace. Along with enhanced maneuverability, many models boast onboard sensors which automatically slow the picker when it approaches a corner or if movement is detected. Brakes are automatically engaged as soon as the operator removes their foot from the accelerator, ensuring no chance of unwanted movement during use that could result in an accident. Designed for stability, all stock is safeguarded during picking and transit, avoiding waste and profit loss from damaged and unusable products.

An effective addition to any warehouse

To sum up, electric order pickers are an invaluable option for any operation, whether the stock is retained at height or in low-level shelving with models designed for every requirement. Improving productivity and safety on sites order pickers can help companies keep their employees and the operating environment protected while keeping competitive in their field through impressive picking rates.

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