An Australian innovation, the Rotatruck hand trolley uses quality Rotacaster wheels. Rotacasters are the only multidirectional floor wheel available on the market. The versatile and durable wheels enhance movement and control capabilities thanks to its multidirectional design features that allow Rotacaster wheels to go in the direction that the trolley is steered.
These unique self-supporting hand trolleys help improve safety and productivity. Rotatrucks hand trolleys also handle well on kerbs, tackling them head-on by using a leverage approach rather than traditional trucks that require lifting. Rotatrucks also offer improved load stability, even when moving on an incline.
SHS Handling Solutions supplies Rotatrucks in a variety of configurations for different sized loads, including multi-shelf models fitted with an extra foot and wide load models with a pair of side wings. We also supply Rotatrucks designed specifically for kegs with a sliding hook.

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