Magliner ‘Gemini Junior’ Convertible Sack Truck

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Takes double the load when folded!

Available in various configurations to suit your needs.

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Magliner ‘Gemini Junior’ Convertible Truck, the smallest in the Gemini range. Designed as a standard upright sack truck but can be folded down to a platform to take double the load! Reduce driver fatigue with a Gemini Truck. Choose from our various configurations to suit your needs.


Additional Upgrades consist of;
Micro Cellular Foam Puncture Proof Tyres which still has the same ‘bounce’ as Pneumatic Tyres but is completely Care-Free, never goes flat!
Wheel Guards, enables you to stack additional cases/boxes at the edge.
Castor Brakes, when in use secures the truck when in loading.
Deck Plate is an ideal solution for stacking smaller items.


Size – 1300H x 310mm frame width. Platform Length – 950mm. Capacity as folded – 450kg.


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