Liftek PowerTruk 2000HD Plug-In – Fully Electric Pallet Truck – 2000KG Capacity

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Capacity:2000KG, Fork Dimensions 560mm x 1150mm (Other Dimensions Available), Lift Height: 140mm, Weight: 220KG.

The PowerTruk 2000HD is our heaviest duty fully electric pallet truck. Its high-power 48V motor and shock-absorbing chassis design means the PowerTruk 2000HD can deal with a complex environment. Despite its heavy-duty credentials, it still has a narrow profile and a 1465mm turning circle, which means that the truck can operate in narrow aisles and other warehouse environments.

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Key Features

  • Compact Design for Manoeuvrability in Confined Spaces
  • Multi-Functional Digital Operation Handle
  • Battery Discharge Indicator
  • Anti-Roll Back and Anti-Skid for Operator Protection
  • Smaller But Stronger Frame
  • Variant Speed Control
  • Maintenance Free Battery Unit
  • Breakout Traditional Module Design
  • 48V Gel Battery
  • Industrial Reinforced Battery And Case
  • Collision And Vibration Protection

Premium Features

  • Shock Absorbing Cylinder Frame
  • Rewindable Charge Cable
  • Multi-Functional Operation Handle
  • Super Strength Drive Wheel Cover
  • Extra Durable PU Wheels
  • Easy Access Single-Step Inner Components Cover


Fork Dimensions – 540mm x 1150mm. Other fork sizes available.

product code: LTEPT20-ET

Technical Specification

Load capacity (kg) 2000 kg
O/A width (mm) 560 mm
Min. lift height (mm) 82 mm
Max. lift height (mm) 140 mm
Fork length (mm) 1150 mm
Fork width (mm) 150 mm
Steering wheel material Polyurethane
Fork wheel material Polyurethane
Fork wheel Ø (mm) 78 mm
Steeringwheel Ø (mm) 230 mm
Battery voltage (V) 48 V
Battery capacity (Ah) 30 Ah
Moving speed with load (km/h) 5.5 km/h
Moving speed without load (km/h) 4 km/h
Weight (kg) 220 kg
Steering wheel width (mm) 74 mm
Turning radius (mm) 1550 mm
Distance between forks (mm) 460 mm
O/A length (mm) 1685 mm
Fork wheel width (mm) 60 mm
O/A height (mm) 1170 mm


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