Liftek PowerTruk 2000HD Plug-In – Fully Electric Pallet Truck – 2000KG Capacity

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Capacity:2000KG, Fork Dimensions 560mm x 1150mm (Other Dimensions Available), Lift Height: 140mm, Weight: 220KG.

The PowerTruk 2000HD is our heaviest duty fully electric pallet truck. Its high-power 48V motor and shock-absorbing chassis design means the PowerTruk 2000HD can deal with a complex environment. Despite its heavy-duty credentials, it still has a narrow profile and a 1465mm turning circle, which means that the truck can operate in narrow aisles and other warehouse environments.

Extended Warranty and Nationwide Servicing Available 

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Key Features

  • Compact Design for Manoeuvrability in Confined Spaces
  • Multi-Functional Digital Operation Handle
  • Battery Discharge Indicator
  • Anti-Roll Back and Anti-Skid for Operator Protection
  • Smaller But Stronger Frame
  • Variant Speed Control
  • Maintenance Free Battery Unit
  • Breakout Traditional Module Design
  • 48V Gel Battery
  • Industrial Reinforced Battery And Case
  • Collision And Vibration Protection

Premium Features

  • Shock Absorbing Cylinder Frame
  • Rewindable Charge Cable
  • Multi-Functional Operation Handle
  • Super Strength Drive Wheel Cover
  • Extra Durable PU Wheels
  • Easy Access Single-Step Inner Components Cover


Fork Dimensions – 540mm x 1150mm. Other fork sizes available.

product code: LTEPT20-ET


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