Magliner Commercial Bulk Delivery Truck


Capacity – 550kg

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MHG2360 – Magliner ‘Commercial Bulk Delivery’ Truck. DECK FEATURES. Torsion box deck construction
resists bending and twisting

Bottom cross brace
rests on deck to provide
load containment

Turns 360 degrees to
maneuver around tight spaces

Made of aluminum so it
never rusts

Has non-marking casters to
protect floor surfaces

Rolls smoothly over bumps,
cracks and thresholds

Stock and deliver more
product in less time – holds
four times more than a
traditional two wheel cart

Stow in van – no waiting for
in-store equipment

Modular construction
offers service parts vs. total
handle replacement

Hardware secured with automotive
grade Loctite® STS thread locker
for superior performance

Ergonomic oval handle shaped
for comfort

Industrial grade engineered for
controlled handling

Grooved surface for positive grip

Capacity – 550kg. 400mm wide x 1500mm long. 2 x 150mm non-marking centre wheels. 125mm end non-marking swivel castors. 1200mm height handle from deck.
Product Code – MHG2360


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