Magliner ‘Tote’ Truck with Sliding Tote Hook

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Puncture Proof Tyres, Step Sliders, Wheel Guards, Folding Nose

Available in various configurations to suit your needs.

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Magliner ‘Tote’ Truck with a sliding Tote Hook is designed to secure crates/totes in place when on deliveries. Ideal for Home Delivery use. Choose from our various configurations to suit your needs. Additional Upgrades consist of, Micro Cellular Foam Puncture Proof Tyres which still has the same ‘bounce’ as Pneumatic Tyres but is completely Care-Free, never goes flat! Step Sliders, a tough polymer strip designed to glide along edges of steps/curbs making an idea solution to any step or curb negotiating whilst on deliveries. Wheel Guards, enables you to stack additional cases/boxes at the edge. Folding Nose to allow easy storing in the back of vehicles. 250mm dia. tyres with a Life-Time Guarantee wheel precision Bearing.


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